June 11, 2009

Marty Callner isn’t a name that rolls right out of your head when you think of people in Hollywood, but the body of work speaks for itself. First of all, he created HBO’s Hard Knocks, and he should have received like 5,000 Emmys for that, but he also directed this video from Twisted Sister, this Aerosmith Video, among many others. He also directed the HBO specials for Jerry Seinfeld and Robin Williams, and got Emmy noms for those. I recently had the privilege of sitting with Marty for a phone interview, where we discussed his body of work, his involvement with HBO’s Hard Knocks, and lots of other sports.

Marty can be reached via Facebook here. We’ll have the full audio of our chat with Marty up soon, but Part Two of the interview is transcribed here, after the jump. Part One is here.

View the rest of the interview.